Our Knowledge Graph and Online Tools

We’ve built a European Knowledge Graph of millions of tender and contract data and several online tools on top of that. Please visit our GitHub page and find more details below. 

THE TBFY Knowledge Graph

Our Knowledge Graph contains millions of tender opportunities from across Europe. 

KG Compatibility

The TBFY Knowledge Graph is open source and is compatible with standards in the procurement domain:

OCDS (Open Contracting Standard), capturing tender data throughout the contracting process, and euBG ontology, developed by the European euBusinessGraph project, providing a common model for company data.


The TBFY Knowledge Graph capitalises on data from two market leaders in their fields: OpenCorporates (for company data), and OpenOpps (for tenders and contracts, including the Tenders Electronic daily – TED – data feed).

More than 150 million datapoints

As of January 2021, the TBFY knowledge graph has more than 152 million triplets that contain information about 1.58 million tenders, 1.92 million awards and 111,000 companies. 

KG Statistics

We’ve built a dedicated KG statistics page that contains tons of charts. 

We update our Knowledge Graph daily.

You can query it via SPARQL endpoints.

We don't collect your data.

The TBFY Online Tools

We’ve built several useful online tools.

The TBFY Knowledge Graph

The central repository for everything around the TBFY knowledge graph. 


Querying the TBFY knowledge graph easily.


How you can use SPARQL to query the TBFY knowledge graph. 

TBFY Data Storytelling Tool

Use this TBFY tool to visualise and tell great stories with your data. 

Cross-lingual Search API

Use this TBFY tool to find tender and procurement documents in any language.

Anomaly detection

Use this TBFY tool to detect patterns and anomalies in your data.

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