Procurement managers, whether accountable to taxpayers or company boards, need novel decision-making tools that can tackle the complexities of modern supply chains and business transactions, while leveraging the large amounts of data and advanced analytics capabilities available. Our project will deliver these tools, alongside enabling technologies and data to make procurement across the EU more efficient, competitive, accountable, and fair.

By using transparency data on government procurement, enriched and integrated with other open PSI sources, and processed and analysed using cutting-edge data science methods, we will shed light on the opportunities and challenges faced by all direct stakeholders in taking more informed and effective decisions. This includes not just governmental agencies assessing purchasing options, but also companies exploring new business contracts, and other parties (such as journalists, researchers, local communities, business associations, transparency activists, and individual citizens) interested in gaining a better understanding of the intricacies of the public procurement landscape. By delivering an open-source platform and APIs which can be used to implement a wide range of procurement business cases, we help procurement service providers and IT companies operating in this space innovate – they can build upon TheyBuyForYou technology and our procurement knowledge graph to deliver bespoke commercial products and services.

Our first objective will be to build a technology platform, consisting of a set of modular, Web-based services and APIs to publish, curate, integrate, analyse, and visualize a comprehensive, cross-border and cross-lingual procurement knowledge graph, including public spending and corporate data from multiple sources across the EU.

Our second objective will be to support the realisation of the four innovation scenarios just discussed, through a series of an online toolkit and a public portal which allows suppliers, buyers, data journalists, data analysts, control authorities and regular citizens to explore and understand how public procurement decisions affect economic development, efficiencies, competitiveness and supply chains. For private buyers looking to overhaul their procurement and purchasing decisions, we will deliver vendor intelligence solutions with advanced analytics capabilities around risk monitoring, collusive tendering, and bespoke decision support.

Finally, our third objective will be about validation in the procurement market. Our technical vision will be implemented in three business cases, targeting the main customer segments in procurement. Two business cases will be with public administrations at the national and local levels in Spain and Slovenia, demonstrating how the new data value chains can make processes more efficient, while in the same time fostering economic development and restoring fairness and true competition in the supply market. The third business case will result in a new commercial product, developed by Cerved, for decision makers in procurement and supplier management.