We make procurement more accessible.

TheyBuyForYou builds smart procurement solutions. We believe that access to Europe’s €2tn procurement market should be simple so we’re curating a Knowledge Graph of millions of tender opportunities that’s open access for everyone.


We’ve built a Knowledge Graph and RESTful APIs for you. 

Europe’s massive procurement market is not easy to navigate for SMEs and procurement officials in local public administrations. Large companies often get picked over small suppliers. TheyBuyForYou wants to change this so we’ve built a European procurement Knowledge Graph that contains millions of detailed contract and tender data. Our data can be used by everyone. 

The TBFY Knowledge Graph can be accessed via SPARQL endpoints. We’ve also built various online tools to help you visualize your data and to detect anomalies in big data sets. All our tools and services are open access.





EC Innovation Radar

The TBFY project partners are immensely proud to announce that we’ve been included in the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Innovation Radar — TBFY is now officially one of the “Great EU-funded Innovations.” 

TBFY Webinar

Don’t miss out on our upcoming Webinar on 25 November 2020,  9-11.30am GMT. At this workshop we will present and discuss our latest report “White paper on the publication and governance of open procurement data” with stakeholders in industry, policy-making and public procurers.

It’s free to join! 


We’re a team of European procurement experts.

TheyBuyForYou is a consortium of 10 leading companies, universities, research centres, government departments and local authorities in the UK, Norway, Italy, Spain and Slovenia.

We receive funding from the EU Horizon 2020 programme to make the European procurement market more accessible.

The TheyBuyForYou project started in January 2018 and is completing at the end of December 2020. However, our online tools will be available long after this date  we want to change the European procurement market for the better over the years to come.


We get our data from expert procurement data providers. 

We’ve built tools and a Knowledge Graph that’s updated daily. 

We test our apps in seven rigorous business cases. 


When we say our tools are for everyone we mean it.

TheyBuyForYou makes the European procurement market more accessible for everyone to the benefit of all: the matching process between suppliers and buyers drives costs down, the public gets a better sense of where public funds go and local authorities can find local businesses much more easily. In particular, we’ve designed our apps and tools with the following groups in mind:

Buyers and suppliers of tenders and contracts


Open data and transparency champions

Policymakers and the interested public

So that we can present the full spectrum of the outstanding analytics and the decision support that TBFY can offer, we test our apps and tools in seven rigorous business cases across Europe.

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Our Process

Our Deliverables

We have our work cut out for ourselves! Our project is split up into 40 separate Deliverables.

Our Work Packages

Our Deliverables are distributed across eight work packages, each managed by one of our project partners.

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