Browse, visualise, analyse EU procurement data.
Explore public spending and corporate data and build bespoke products and services.

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About They Buy For You

Using transparency data on government procurement, enriched and integrated with other open PSI sources, and processed and analysed using cutting-edge data science methods, we shed light on the opportunities and challenges faced by all direct stakeholders in taking more informed and effective decisions.

Project team meeting, Bled, Slovakia

TBFY project team

By delivering an open-source platform and APIs which can be used to implement a wide range of procurement business cases, we help procurement service providers and IT companies operating in this space innovate – they can build upon TheyBuyForYou technology and our procurement knowledge graph to deliver bespoke commercial products and services.

TheyBuyForYou will build a technology platform, an online toolkit and a public portal which allows suppliers, buyers, data journalists, data analysts, control authorities and regular citizens to explore and understand how public procurement decisions affect economic development, efficiencies, competitiveness and supply chains. For private buyers looking to overhaul their procurement and purchasing decisions, we will deliver vendor intelligence solutions with advanced analytics capabilities around risk monitoring, collusive tendering, and bespoke decision support.

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