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Below you’ll find tons of further project material, such as presentation slides and video clips that provide detailed information on all of TBFY’s activities and achievements. 


Publish procurement data better.

We care about making public procurement more accessible. To achieve this, we need to rethink how we publish procurement data in the first place. We’ve put together a detailed White Paper on best practices in publishing such data, which collects the following ten recommendations:

Provide a minimal set of data in a structured homogeneous format for each contracting process.

Include clear references to all tenderers that participate in contracting processes.

Include clear references to the departments and sub-organisations of the public administration that acts as a tenderer.

Deal appropriately with joint ventures’ data so that information is not “masked” under different organisations' IDs.

All notices and steps associated with the same tender should be published in the same place.

Connect invoices (and results) with the public procurement process to which they belong.

Make all the texts of tenders available in raw format and connected to the contracting processes.

Provide homogeneous visualisations of public contracting data.

Provide visualisations or search paths that answer typical questions that citizens and organisations will have.

Reuse your own public procurement data (e.g., in your transparency portal).

Built to Last

Our APIs and online tools are open-source.

The TBFY architecture

A high-level overview of the TBFY architecture, its platform, API, knowledge graph and tools can be found here

The code

If you’re a developer or engineer and would like to take a peek at our code, you’ll find it all on our GitHub page.

Check out our 40 Deliverables for more details

If you’re looking for project info that you can’t find on this website, we’ve published all of our 40 Deliverables in full for easy pdf downloads.

Our Videos

Here are our explainer and introductory videos.

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The TBFY Interview

The TBFY project concluded on 31 December 2020. To mark the occasion, we sat down together to look back, take stock and discuss the future of procurement analytics to unlock value chains.

Project Details

Various TBFY presentation slides


Enhancing Public Procurement in the European Union.


Towards a Knowledge Graph-based platform.


An Ontology for Public Procurement based on OCDS.

Slovenia 2018

Ministry of Public Administration in Slovenia. 

Slovenia 2018

The Business Case of the Ministry of Public Administration in Slovenia. 

Slovenia 2018

The Dataset for the Slovenian Business Case.

CPBN 2019

Enabling Procurement Data Value Chains.

TBFY Online Workshop November 2020

Presentation slides for the TBFY Online Workshop on Data Governance in November 2020.

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We regularly publish further project news and announcements on our TBFY News page.