Plaza del Pilar, Zaragoza/Gregorio Puga Bailón/ ©2015. CC BY 2.0

Project partners, Zaragoza City Council are at the forefront of publishing and managing open data on public procurement, and are working towards full electronic management of public contracts. Their involvement with They Buy For You includes:

  • Improving the visualisation of public procurement
  • Defining a dashboard
  • Improving performance in detecting data errors, and combating fraud.

For more than 10 years Zaragoza CC have published tender calls, award notices and contract notices on its Buyers Profile web site. As early as 2008 they adopted advanced methods, like time stamping – ensuring access, integrity, availability, authenticity, confidentiality, traceability and data preservation. In recent years they have published more in-depth contract data on the site, including information from Minor Contracts.

Open Public Contracting Data

Catalogue of Open Data, Zaragosa City Council ©2018

Zaragoza CC coordinates the Public Procurement Working Group of the W3C Spain Open Data community. Since 2013 the Council has worked closely with similar and like-minded organisations to establish agreed protocols on the publication of its Buyers Profile dataset. In order to encourage reuse of their datasets by businesses, citizens, and other stakeholders, it was agreed to adopt open data standards, as well as systematic monitoring of public procurement, and the development of studies.

Access to the catalogue of open data allows citizens to find out how to reuse information. It includes examples of SPARQL queries, access to the ontology, and other useful guidance.

An ontology for public procurement

Since 2015, all the contracts managed by the City Council have been labeled semantically, using the PPROC ontology. This includes minor, open and negotiated contracts, both for work and services and supplies. These contracts can be consulted through the Buyers Profile and through Zaragoza’s open data catalogue, in different formats.

Current services

Spanish procurement law requires the publication of announcements and specifications related to a tender exclusively on its Public Sector Contracting Platform. This means that only a link to the platform is published on the Zaragoza CC.

Latest Updates
Direct access to different announcements are available in chronological order.

Contracts Search
Access and filter current and historical tenders, by contract status, record, contracting entity, type of contract (work, service, supply), among other criteria.

Transparency Indicators, Zaragosa City Council ©2018

Transparency indicators:

  • Awardees
    Successful companies that have participated Zaragoza City Council’s call for tenders since 2014.
  • Bidders
    A list of companies that have participated in tendering processes. A page for each company is shown, indicating the number of contracts that have been tendered, the amount obtained and the breakdown by years.
  • Management services 
    A list of Management Services for the contracts formalised by the Zaragoza City Council.
  • Data totals
    Amount and percentage of formalised contracts, and steps followed by a formalised contract.

Automatic updates in the Spanish Platform for Public Contracting

Zaragoza CC has mapped PPROC contracts with CODICE (the set of XSD schemes used by the Spanish Public Sector Contracting Platform) in accordance with the procedures and requirements of Directives 2014/23/EU; 2014/24/EU; 2014/25/EU; 2009/81/CE and the Spanish regulations on public procurement.

Next steps

The They Buy For You project enables Zaragosa CC to continue to develop their services, with the following objectives:

Improving existing services for the visualisation of public procurement.
Enriching information on contracts through the use of services developed in this project, and making the most of the project partners’ experience to improve the user experience of these visualisations. In this way, Zaragosa CC will be able to reduce the time/effort required to solve public information requests, optimise the economic proposals of the tenderers, and facilitate the analysis of contract costs.

Defining a dashboard – with indicators related to contracting, economic information provided by project partners and improving transparency.

Developing services for our departments that assist their contract supervision and management work. This will be achieved by producing technical reports which focus on the fight against fraud, quality of data (error detection), and ultimately, improving efficiency.