Project team meeting, Bled, Slovakia

Project team plenary at Bled, Slovenia, 8 May 2018.

SINTEF (Norway) is the project coordinator and serves as a technology provider in the project. Like in most other countries, procurement is a large part of the total value creation in Norway. Contributing to more transparency and fairness in procurement is fully aligned with our vision: Technology for a better Society.


Till C. Lech, Brian Elvesæter, Ahmet Soylu and Dumitru Roman

SINTEF leads WP2 (Data enrichment and publication). Our technical focus is on intelligent data enrichment techniques, transferring results from projects such as euBusinessGraph, EW-Shopp, proDataMarket, DaPaaS, and SmartOpenData projects. We will also contribute to the knowledge graph created in WP1, and help with exploitation towards the public sector in Norway in WP7.


The University of Southampton (UK) leads the development and analysis of new data visualisation and interaction technologies, using its interdisciplinary expertise to devise concepts and technologies that make the procurement knowledge graph and its properties easier to understand and use.

George Konstantinidis, Laura Koesten and Tom Blount

George Konstantinidis, Laura Koesten and Tom Blount

We lead on the dissemination of the project, leveraging its profile and networks in the data innovation field, and leverages our expertise in linked and open data to add value across the project – to establish a link between data interfaces and data analytics results.


(UK) are experts in public procurement in the UK, we believe improving procurement through transparency is essential to increase the efficiency public spending and to expand the opportunities for SMEs to sell to government.

Ian Makgill, Helen McNally, Sim Kenneday, Erin Clarke and David Babushkin

Ian Makgill, Helen McNally, Sim Kenneday, Erin Clarke and David Babushkin

We join this project to make public procurement more transparent across Europe and to combine insights from the public and private sectors. We run Work Package 1, which focuses on data gathering and ingestion. We are also playing key supporting roles in data categorisation in Work Package 2 and are responsible for two corporate business cases in Work Package 6.


Cerved Group Spa US (Italy) is developing a Vendor Intelligence Procurement Solution aimed at procurement managers, leveraging rich supplier profiling, ranking, and discovery of collusive tendering. Having the right procurement strategy is crucial for both private companies and pubic administrations, as without a suitable one, organisations can be subject to considerable direct or hidden costs. We are the lead of the business case work package, outlining agile product management and commercial exploitation of business cases.

Divna Djordjevic

Diego Sanvito


Ministrstvo za Javno Upravo (MJU) (Slovenia) is responsible for public procurement system in Slovenia. We aim to create an environment for higher transparently publishing data on public procurement as infographic or a similar mechanism.

Uroš Izlakar and Matjaž Uhan

Uroš Izlakar and Matjaž Uhan

Our role on this project is provide data regarding the implementation of public procurement procedures that we obtain from the public procurement portal at which contracting authorities publish procedures in accordance with the public procurement law.


Ayuntamiento de Zaragoza (Spain) provide data, develop business cases, and produce visualisation services that facilitate the understanding of data.

Zaragosa team

Ayuntamiento de Zaragosa team

Through the publication of economic information in open formats, based on web standards, promoting interoperability and reuse, we work to ensure transparency in the management of the council. Our aim is develop a tool that allows citizens to audit municipal management, and help our institution work more effectively and efficiently.


Open Corporates logo

Chrinon Ltd (OpenCorporates) (UK) provides company information and functionality to match references to companies to the legal entities, building on our reconciliation functionality.

Ben Symonds

Ben Symonds

Government procurement is not directly important to OpenCorporates, but it is critically important to society. It is essential that we understand who governments do business with, the activities of those government suppliers (lobbying, political donations, licensing, enforcement etc), and the relationships between those companies. This is a requirement for well-functioning democracies, as well as efficient government.

We aim to leverage our world leading understanding of company data to inform and enrich the functionality of TBFY. We hope the project will be a significant step forward in providing transparency and understanding of the government procurement across Europe.


Jožef Stefan Institute logo

Jozef Stefan Institute (Slovenia) develop tools for data analysis and visualisation. By promoting transparency we aim to help to improve public procurement processes in Europe and make them open to the public.

Marko Grobelnik

Marko Grobelnik


)esia logo
Oesía Networks SL (Spain) is a large international group dedicated to consulting, engineering and information technology. OESÍA operates in 23 countries, providing innovative products and services in strategic sectors such as Public Administration, Banking, Services, Energy, Industry, eHealth, Safety, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Security, Defense, Transport and Tourism.

Annie Ferrari Uliana and Daniel García Latorre

Annie Ferrari Uliana and Daniel García Latorre

OESÍA’s vision is to act as a major global driver of innovation and development of new technologies in order to become a competitive advantage for its customers, to help them to foresee and lead their markets and to support these technological advances for a better, fairer and safer use. Our motto is: Thinking and Making the Future.


Universidad Politécnica Madrid
Universidad Politecnica de Madrid (Spain) aim to generate a comprehensive knowledge graph of open procurement data in Europe, which would be extensible to other countries and regions worldwide. Procurement data needs to be published as open data by default, by all public organisations, so as to ensure transparency in all tender processes, and in this project we focus on the alignment of existing standards for the publication of open contracting data, including the Open Contracting Data Standard, PPROC, the upcoming ePO, etc.

Oscar Corcho, Francisco Yedro, Carlos Badenes, Pablo Calleja, Miguel Angel García Delgado, and Virginia de Pablo

In this respect, we are working on engaging both data providers and consumers across Europe to make use of these standards. We also provide help to the consortium on the integration of the different software pieces being generated by all consortium members. Finally, we contribute to the detection of named entities in public tenders, as well as in cross-lingual document similarity across public tenders, using probabilistic topic modelling techniques.