We will progress beyond the state of the art by building the first integrated information hub for public procurement and company data in Europe. We will create an open source tool that unifies content, visualisations, and narrative to aid the publication and user exploration of data and data graphs content. The tool will rely on the library of visual and interactive elements that can be used to tie together content and story. The tool will support the telling of existing stories, understanding and publishing new stories, and the process of uncovering new insights from existing data.

Public hackathons will accompany every major tools’ milestone. At the hackathons, we will bring developers from inside and outside the consortium together in one place for a period of several days, so that they can quickly help each other with their respective components, and thus push the development forward. Following the release of the generic online tools, we will create bespoke instantiations for the four areas of interest of the project: economic development, demand management, competitive markets, and supplier intelligence.

No matter what your level of data literacy, you will be able to search for enriched information sources made available by our tools, and query, analyse and combine heterogeneous sources.

One of the areas we will focus on will be customizable infographics. Here we will apply narrative theory to create a machine- readable specification of infographics architecture, deployed using open standards e.g., JSON, linked data. The tool will support both the direct publication of stories to the Web and the export of an open file format for describing content, interaction, and provenance of all portions of the story developed. other tool developers can easily support the output and integration of content. Similar file formats exist in other domains, including the GeoCAT file for species extinction risk assessments or the Viz.JSON file for describing strictly map based visualizations.

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