In times of enhanced transparency and accountability, there is a pressing need for better insight into, and management of government spending. We will fundamentally change the procurement landscape throughout Europe by delivering technology and data that make it easier for companies, public buyers, data journalists, transparency activists and regular citizens to truly understand, explore, and act upon opportunities for economic growth, efficiency gains, competitiveness, and accountability in government and the private sector.

By using transparency data on government procurement, enriched and integrated with other open PSI sources, and processed and analysed using cutting-edge data science methods, we will shed light on the opportunities and challenges faced by all direct stakeholders in taking more informed and effective decisions.

A key project activity is an anti-corruption business case which will be developed by TBFY partners MJU, with development and innovation support from JSI. This will include:

  • the definition of the selection criteria for tenders;
  • the monitoring the diversity of requirements in similar procurement calls and issuing of an alert when relevant anomalies are identified;
  • providing support in the post procurement process, so as to prevent unnecessary changes to the original contract; and
  • offer transparency data to help ensure they are working with the most suitable and reliable suppliers.