What is ‘Public International Trade Opportunities’?

‘Public International Trade Opportunities’ (PITO) represents our vision to open up global public sector tenders and contracts of world. We want to provide access to this information to taxpayers, suppliers, journalists, government organisations, NGOs and academic bodies around the world. 

 ‘Public International Trade Opportunities’ in practice

At OpenOpps we currently collect over 26,000 tender documents a month from over 720 different public sources around the world, without any need for human intervention. 

We collect data from over 100 countries, gathering their tender notices, contract notices and specification documents. These documents are all converted by us to the Open Contracting Data Standard JSON format (OCDS). At the time of writing we have over 10.3m documents in our database, making it the largest OCDS repository in the world.  
By turning this data into a collective register of government demands across the globe, we know what is bought by whom.

Our product; your product 

We make open tenders freely available to search through our website https//:openopps.com, at the time of writing you can search over 100,000 open tenders through our site. All of our data is also available through our API. We also have a subscription web service that provides advanced search, additional data and downloads.

How we get the data and what we do with it

How PITO aggregation works

Our technologies

The technologies that we use are open source, including our database, search engine, web framework and charting tools, so they can be deployed without limitation. 

Where we sit in ‘They Buy For You’

Our data is trusted by our partners in ‘They Buy For You’ (part of the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 program): OESIA, Cerved, UPM, SOTON, JSI and MJU and underpins the program as a whole. Our data is also being used by the UK Government, the European Union and multiple blue chip companies. We are also working with Academic institutions, including the Alan Turing Institute.