Cerved is an Italian leader in business information, and a truly data driven company – our data patrimony enables us to offer high added value services to our clients. Some of our core businesses include credit information, ensuring protection of businesses against credit risks, as well as marketing solutions offering new business opportunities to companies.

Recent innovations in digital  transformation have greatly influenced the purchasing division  of companies with requirements to further increase efficiency in managing supplier portfolios.  The first key step in successful supplier management includes knowing your suppliers (i.e. financial stability, ancienty, the workforce, existing insolvencies, amongst others). Cerved with its rich data patrimony, continuous new data sourcing, integration and harmonisation, and growing ecosystem of APIs is well placed to answer this need for the Italian market.

Cerved ecosystem of APis (https://developer.cerved.com/)

In the scope of TheyBuyForYou Cerved is developing various indicators for supplier risk monitoring as supplier stability is crucial for the vetting and procurement decision process. To this end Cerved is relaying on it’s rich data patrimony including  procurement notices data. Cerved is also developing a set of services that can be easily integrated in 3rd-party supplier monitoring and spend management solutions. These include:

Supplier profile enrichment

Providing rich profiles for the tender participating companies, including their main business, products, website, past tender history, dimensions, revenue, entities, territory presence and employees.

Risk Mitigation

Identifying potential collusive tendering by discovering hidden connections between several participating companies within a tender call.  We rely on large databases of proprietary Chamber of commerce data, collected open data including historical tender information and third-party data sources. Existing links between company shareholders and managers are cross-matched with links between companies, sharing properties and tender co-participation.


Procurement managers might have different preferences for ranking potential suppliers. This ranking might not only be based on the price – they might be more interested in financial stability and other dimension for ensuring robust supply chains or in the geographical position for logistics. This service will support supplier ranking based on various indicators, such as the innovation capacity of the company,  website visibility, underlying website technology, dimensionality, news presence, amongst others.

Supplier Discovery   

Frequently buyers are not happy with how the existing suppliers are answering their e-procurement needs.  This service will propose and offer information on potential suppliers that could answer the e-procurement need based on co-participation in past tenders, website content, as well as other indicators.

Cerved ecosystem of services being developed in the context of TBFY