We aim to catalyse the evolution of an open data culture to create an open data ecosystem with economic, environmental, and social value for SMEs, complementing successful H2020 initiatives such as the Open Data Incubator for Europe (ODINE).

In developing open data for procurement, we will deploy a knowledge graph, publishing the results of our data integration pipeline (discovery, extraction, normalisation, ingestion, curation and linking) according to a set of harmonised vocabularies, and following best practices for publishing open data on the Web. The procurement knowledge graph can be systematically analysed to gain insight and inform decisions by potential bidders, government, or other interested parties (e.g., industry associations, transparency advocates, journalists, civically minded citizens etc.).

We will also use the technology developed in the project to collect, curate, enrich, analyse and visualize data in our open data hackathons.

Our team has experience with open data curation, publication, and integration which is considerably ahead of other EU countries. Southampton are data.gov.uk veterans, whilst within the public procurement domain, both OpenCorporates and OpenOpps (OO) have already made considerable data available under an open licence and are continuing to do so. Universidad Politecnica de Madrid and Oesía Networks are in a similar position in Spain.

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